Nanomedicine Vs. Nanotechnology

Nano medicine is a branch of prescription that applies the information and instruments of nanotechnology to the avoidance and treatment of malady. Nanomedicine includes the utilization of Nano scale materials, for example, biocompatible nanoparticles and Nano robots, for conclusion, conveyance, detecting or incitation purposes in a living being. Nanotechnology has numerous definitions yet as a rule it is the utilization and use of materials with sizes in the nanometre extend. Similarly as a millimetre is one-thousandth of a meter, a nanometre is one-millionth of a millimetre. In more reasonable terms, a human hair is roughly 80,000 nanometres in distance across and the developing science and industry of nanotechnology uses materials beneath 1000 nanometres. Advantages of working at this little scale have been seen for a long time over such various regions as gadgets and vitality stockpiling to sunscreens and nourishment bundling.